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Welcome to Scarecrow Consultants Limited


Scarecrow Consultants are a tool-independent model-based systems engineering consultancy, formed in 2014 by Prof Jon Holt and Simon Perry with a mission to

‘promote the use and application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in businesses worldwide, by pioneering new and pragmatic techniques for MBSE in the real world'

All Scarecrow Consultants are true experts in the theory and real-life application of MBSE and are recognised at an international level.





Jon's book ‘A Pragmatic Guide to Business Process Modelling’, Second edition is now out of print.

This book is now available for free from our Knowledge Base


Recordings of our free Thursday talks are available via the Scarecrow YouTube Channel.

PDFs of the presentations are available via our Knowledge Base.


As part of our response to the current crisis, to support the MBSE community and to try to avoid MBSE-ers everywhere going stir crazy, Scarecrow Consultants would like to announce two new regular free on-line events!

Starting from Thursday April 2nd we will run two regular weekly events:

• 1000 – 1045 – a free talk and presentation.
• 1100 – 1145 – the Model-Based Social Event, where we will be having a general informal chat about all matters MBSE. We will field questions from attendees and do our best to address them.

We will be running these sessions using Microsoft Teams, so fingers crossed everybody! Please note that the talks (but not the socials) will be recorded and made available via the
Scarecrow YouTube Channel.

We will post the URLs to join the talk & social on Monday mornings on LinkedIn.

If you have any queries, drop us an email at

    Here at Scarecrow Consultants Ltd. our thoughts go out to all our friends, colleagues and customers during these unprecedented times.
    For the duration of the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic, we will be offering our services, including training, remotely. Full details can be found here.

    As part of this initiative, we have four public training courses scheduled for July:

  • 7th: Introduction to MBSE

  • 14th: Architecture Frameworks

  • 21st: Introduction to MBSE

Full details of all our remote public courses can be found here.

  • TeamStorming
    For those familiar with TeamStorming, our unique experience in both brainstorming and team-building, a new summary infographic is available here.

  • SysML-anary
    After a long wait, we are pleased to announce that Volume 2 of our popular SysML-anary puzzles is finally available. See here for details.

  • The MBSE Embassy
    The MBSE Embassy - Presentations on all things MBSE-related, including: concepts, applications, interviews and much more. Visit the MBSE Embassy  on our YouTube channel.

  • Interested in promoting STEM?
    Then check out our STEM page today.


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