• STEM

Welcome to the Scarecrow STEM Outreach Programme

As part of our commitment to promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities, Scarecrow Consultants is proud to run a STEM initiative.
At the INCOSE UK ASEC 2015 we launched the children’s book ‘Think Engineer’ that is aimed at promoting Engineering to Key Stage 2 children. See here for more details.
If you have ever wondered about getting involved with STEM, why not use this book as an opportunity to get involved? Offer to go to school, read the book to a class and then use that as an introduction to your work as a Systems Engineer. The book provides a perfect ice-breaker and leads directly into all areas of Systems Engineering.


If you are interested in our STEM initiative, just email STEM@scarecrowconsultants.co.uk and let us know who you are, who your school or group is and we’ll add you to our list!